Lean Six Sigma Black-belt Programme
Lean Six Sigma Black-belt:

This Lean Six Sigma Black-belt course is for those who are already certified DMAIC black-belts from reputed Institutes/ Organisations. Augmentation Philosophy, approach, tools and cases of Lean to the DMAIC black-belts in two days may qualify them to become Lean Six Sigma Black-belts of Indian Statistical Institute, Pune.

Six Sigma can be applied effectively in any kind of product or service based industry, such as Automotive, Banking, Insurance, Hospitality, Education, Logistics, BPO, Software, Marketing/advertising, Media and several other business sectors stand to benefit as well. In addition, support services like, Maintenance, QC, HR, Admin., Environment, Safety, Finance/Accounting, Sales/Marketing & Purchase can apply the methods to obtain wonderful results.
Day Topic

Day 1 Concept of Lean Six Sigma

Product-Process Flow

Value stream map- Current state

Measurements of waste

7-Point Waste


Heijunka Box

JIT/ Kanban
Day 2 SMED

Poka yoke


Takt time

Line balancing

VSM- Future state


Case studies

Test, Evaluation, Certification

Certification Criteria: Certificate of Lean Six Sigma Black-belt to those who would score more than 60% marks in the class-room test For our current open house programs kindly check our training calendar Click  here.