Six Sigma Green-belt Programme
Six Sigma Green Belt:

Six Sigma Green-belt workshop will help the participants acquire transferable problem solving skills and competence to solve and guide many problems in the forthcoming years for the Organization.

Six Sigma is a fact-based data driven structured methodology that is used to create breakthrough improvements in business processes. It is 5 days program, used to solve organizational problems where the solution is not known. The program augments the participants existing domain knowledge and expertise with statistical thinking and application. This will help them to channelize their efforts and knowledge in the right direction and achieve groundbreaking results in their field.

Who can benefit:

Top Executive, Middle Management, Engineers, Transactional process leaders, Entrepreneurs and Management Students with some background in mathematics of any discipline from any type of industry / trade

Six Sigma can be applied effectively in any kind of product or service based industry, such as Automotive, Banking, Insurance, Hospitality, Education, Logistics, BPO, Software, Marketing/advertising, Media and several other business sectors stand to benefit as well. In addition, support services like, Maintenance, QC, HR, Admin., Environment, Safety, Finance/Accounting, Sales/Marketing & Purchase can apply the methods to obtain wonderful results.


Green-belt certificate by securing 70% marks in the test conducted on the last day of the course. .

Certificate will be issued by Indian Statistical Institute.


Rs.25,000 + Tax (@10.3%)

Course Content:



Recognize & Define
Introduction, Organisation for Six Sigma, Project Charter, Voice of Customer, Critical to Quality, SIPOC, Normality Test
Measure Data Collection, Process Capability and Process Performance, DPU, DPO, DPMO, Sigma Level - Short term and Long terml
Analysis Process Analysis, Problem Analysis - Sporadic Problems, Chronic Problems, Unstable Process, Test of Hypothesis, Simple Regression, Process FMEA, Pareto, Cause & Effect
Improve Generate, Evaluate & Select Solutions, Solution Implementation, FMEA followup, Before-After Tests
Control Control Charts for Online Analysis, Control Plan, Overall Review, Evaluation Test, Case Studiest


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