Six Business Analytic and Data Mining
Program Objective:

This program is designed to guide business analytic professionals in analyzing large quantities of data in order to extract previously unknown interesting patterns such as groups of data records (cluster analysis),dependencies (association rule mining), classification of data, reduction of data dimension and predictive analytic.

Program benefit:

The participants will acquire the knowledge on

o   Multiple Response Scoring and Classification Methods

o   Market Basket Analysis (frequent item set generation & association rule mining)

o   Basics of Business Forecasting

o   Developing models using Decision Tree Algorithms and Linear, Logistic & Non Linear Regression

o   Identification of Clusters (using K-Mean clustering & Hierarchical clustering Algorithms)

o   Basics of Optimization Techniques using Solver Application

o   Hands on experience on the usage of Open Source Data Mining Software

Who can benefit?:

Participants who can derive benefits out of the course are: Business Analysts, Market Researchers, Strategic Consultants, Financial Analysts, Researchers, Professionals from Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, CRM and R&D From Industries such as: Banking, Pharma, Retail, FMCG, Auto, Consumables, Manufacturing, Chemicals, IT e.t.c. Course Content.


Rs.35,000 + Tax (@10.3%)

C C:


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